Moccas Court

Visitors Book

Below are a selection of the comments from our visitor's book.

"Utterly, continuously wonderful"
A C4 newsman
"Luxury and friendliness..what better combination?"
A journalist and broadcaster
"What a magical place. i can't wait to return."
Anna from Australia
"You must have to fend off the movie location scouts with a shotgun!"
Anther jounalist and broadcaster
"We found heaven on the banks of the Wye"
Bob James (TV fisherman)
"I now have an edifice complex! XX"
Cathy Lette
"A divine place to spend the first day of our married life"
Clare and James
"Absolutely Superb"
Col Mike (US)
"First regimental gathering, history in the making..wonderful food"
Col Scott
"Two nights at Moccas are more relaxing than two weeks in the med"
"second visit and even more enjoyable..delicious food.."
David and Judith
"Short but very sweet."
Fergal Keane
"A truly great stay"
Gen 'Stan' (US)l
"Le pardis est ou je suis"
Henry Porter
"Authentic is the word that comes to mind!"
Herbert Ypma
"This is one remarkable place"
J and R A
"Superlatives abound..complete professionals"
J Clarke
"Something in the air makes this the most delicious of places on earth"
J Newbiggin
"Utterly, continually wonderful!"
J Snow
"Fabulous place; our eldest found Neverland."
J, S, S and J
"A real taste of england at its best"
Jan and Justin
"A rare treat. Warm and generous spirit"
Jo Confino
Joanna Trollope
John Snow
"The best!"
Juliet Von Seibold
"A blissful birthday and happy time with you"
London hotelier's daughter
"hospitality off the scale"
M Cousins
"What a discovery"
Maggie and Keith
"The only hotel where you don't lock your room.."
Martin Amis
"We are unable to find words to describe how wonderful the whole experience has been. Every one should try this.."
Mr and Mrs Graham
"Three days to remember, lovely place, lovely people"
Nancy and Mel
"Outstanding in every respect"
Nick and Teresita
"Room, food, views and walks quite magical"
Nicky B-T
"Perfect, peace, warm hospitality and lovely dreams in the most comfortable bed with epic views."
Paul (Everest mountaineer) and Sanja
"The most perfect stay we've ever had"
Paul and Bella
"Expectations more than fulfilled"
Peter and Marina Briggs
"An indelible experience, luxury, elegance, sumptuous- very spoilt"
S Briggs
"A truly amazing place- such fantastic food, beautiful rooms"
S Lee
"Luxury and friendliness, what better combination."
Simon Hoggart
"Truly inspirational and inventive food, we shall always remember the Foie Gras"
The Leaver family
"Thank you so much for having the courage and dedication to make this beautiful house a home for the great comfort of strangers"
V Searle
"Impressionant; une des choses a faire dans sa vie"
Vincent N
"Loved everything!"
Vivienne Westwood
"We've enjoyed every minute"
Gus and Pat
"A home from home atmosphere, excellent food, brilliantly presented"
N. Collings
"A magical place that deserves to thrive for another hundred years"
Suellen Greally
"I can think of nowhere else comparable"
Tony and Nancy
"An absolutely marvellous experience"
C Johnson
"Spoilt beyond belief in every way; and to catch the first of the Autumns colours ... stunning"
Ron and Milly
"We are unable to find the words to describe how wonderful the whole experience has been. Everyone should do this at least once in their lives"
Ken and Margaret
"A Christmas to remember; we'll be back"
C Rea
"We are unable to find words to describe how wonderful the whole experience has been. Every one should try this.." Mr and Mrs Graham
The AA five Diamond award